Benefits Of Being A Roofer

Benefits Of Being A Roofer

Every profession has its pros and cons. So, as there are benefits of being a roofer, there are setbacks also. The barrier to entry is pretty low. You don’t need higher education to become a roofer. Employed roofers tend to make more than woodworkers.

A roofer keeps himself busy with roof repairreplacement, inspection, and roofing work from dawn to dusk, either residential or commercial. Now we will talk about the benefits of being a roofer.

Security of Job.

As we’ve previously mentioned, the need for roofing services is becoming more urgent as the years go by. So, roofers won’t fall short of their expectations.

And if you can satisfy a customer with your service, it becomes an excellent opportunity for you to work next time for that particular customer. This relation build-up will help a roofer in the future.

Handsome Salary

Roofing contractors get paid at a rate ranging from 24500 to 36000 based on their experience. Roofing contractors earn, on average, 37,900 dollars a year.

Though in all our states the salary of a roofer is not the same. It varies from state to state. When you closely look at their hourly income, you will understand that they are earning a handsome amount. A roofer makes 20$ to 40$ per hour, depending on the place.

Roofing contractors earn $30k a year to $5 million up to $115 million. Say your typical roofing contractor has ten crews and 2-3 foremen and makes $100-150k a year at a minimum.


Every day, whether you’re a residential or commercial roofer, you’ll face different kinds of challenges. You can do a wide range of work. You may perform repair, replacement, installation, inspection, or any other type of roofing work as a roofer.

It may be boring to do the same work day after day. But in this job, you can find plenty of variety, which is challenging as well. You can work as a residential roofer or commercial roofer. Choice is yours.

Growth Opportunity

When you talk about growth opportunities, what you mean is whether a job has a bright future or not. In that case, roofing is pretty much demanding and has a bright future.

You Can Be Your boss

Many of us don’t want to work under anyone. The chances of starting your own roofing business are always there. In the USA 19% of roofers are self-employed. In comparison to other occupations, this rate is extremely high.

Roofing as a career is good, and everybody has to accept it. If you are thinking of being a roofer, at first acquire the required knowledge and experience. Then with the bag of experience, start as a professional roofer.

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