Know About Metal Roofing| 6 Must Know Answers|

The popularity of metal roofs is increasing day by day. Once, it was used in commercial projects but it is now being installed in homes. Homeowners choose a metal roof for its durability and life expectancy. A metal roof can last up to 100 years depending on the quality if it is installed correctly.

This article will try to answer some questions and know about metal roofing that we frequently get when we are at work. There are many questions in our minds about metal roofs.

Know About Metal Roofing Before You Go For It.

Can we walk on a metal roof?

Back in the time, it was said that you could not walk on a metal roof. But the truth is that you can. But remember the two questions: where and how. If you consider other roofing options, metal roofing is actually better than ceramic tiles. It allows you to walk safely for 35-45 years after installation.

Never walk on a roof where water has accumulated, or there is dew. It is dangerous both for you and your roof.

Do metal roofs attract lightning?

The clear and straightforward answer is ‘no’. It doesn’t make your roof more vulnerable rather, it makes the lightning strikes less dangerous. Metal being highly conductive is the main reason people think like that.

In Technical Bulletin MCA13a, The Metal Construction Association has clearly said that metal roofs don’t attract lightning strikes. Unfortunately, it’s a myth that has been developed with time.

Do metal roofs need gutter?

You will get different answers to this question. Some will answer no, while some will answer yes.

Actually, I think it’s your choice. You can find many videos on youtube and read articles if you want.

Can I install a metal roof myself?

Personally, I never suggest anyone do any roofing task by himself. Sometimes it may be an easy task, but if you don’t know how to complete the easy task, it can cost you more money.

When you are building a new house, never think of DIY, even if it is advanced.

Does a metal roof affect wi-fi?

People have a common misconception about metal roofs and wi-fi. They think that as metal can disrupt wi-fi connection, a metal roof can also do the same. There are many causes for which your internet connection can be diminished.

Many office buildings, restaurants, schools have installed metal roofs, and they are using wi-fi connections without any disruption. I cannot give any scientific explanation but it is proven. The metal roof won’t interfere with cell reception either.

Do metal roofs make the house hotter?

The characteristic of a metal roof is no different than the other roofing material. When a metal roof is subjected to direct sunlight, it will absorb heat, but it is the same for all kinds of roofing material.

In the case of metal, we know it has a low thermal mass, and it reflects light. So, metal roofs absorb less heat compared to the other roofing material.

While you cannot color the other roofing material, you can color the metal roof as your wish. You can color it with a lighter color which will help reflect heat. So, it’s an advantage.

You will find advantages and disadvantages for every kind of roofing material. The popularity of metal roofs is increasing for their longevity. You will find hundreds of reasons why not to install and why to install a metal roof. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide which option is better for you.

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