weather impact on roof

Can Weather Conditions Affect our roof?Weather Impact On Roof|

The roof is one of the most critical and vulnerable parts of our house. As security concerns are connected with the health of the roof, you can’t hesitate to repair it when you find even a tiny hole.

Weather impact on roof is a must noticeable matter. Weather can impact our roof notably. Weather patterns are more volatile nowadays, so it has become more difficult to predict anything about climate. Sun, wind, snow, rain, hail are the five weather conditions that can negatively impact our roof.

Today we will talk about the weather impact on roof. 


It is seen that homeowners avoid the possible damage caused due to rain. But it is not right. If heavy rain and storms are common in your area, you can not overlook the scenario after heavy rain or storm. 

A storm can leave behind lost shingles and moisture damage to the underlayment. The roof deck can be penetrated by water when this occurs, which can compromise the home’s structural integrity.

So, you can’t overlook the possibility of damage due to rain.


Sunlight can damage your roof if your roof contains metal or plastic components. Moreover, ultraviolet radiation and thermal expansion can cause damage to your roof. These are the two ways sunlight can cause damage to a typical roof.

What can we do to mitigate this problem?

We can’t stop the sunlight coming! Right? Joking apart. We want a solution that is inexpensive and easy to use. 

In this case, the most frequently used procedure is to follow cool roof coatings. You won’t even need the help of a roofing contractor. A cool roof coating consists of paint with reflective pigments that are white or silver.


Hail damage is one of the damages homeowners suffer much from. Even damages caused by hail get unnoticed. But we have to remember that hailstorms can be very destructive.

During hailstorms, aluminum siding, shingles and gutters can be dented or even cracked or in some cases, new roofs can be damaged. 

If you see any damage due to hail, you must take your steps. Do roof repair or replacement if you need it.

You can go to our service section and read the article about hailstorm damage repair. We are the roofers of Florence, South Carolina, who provide roofing services among the residents of Florence, SC, including hail storm damage repair.


Damages due to wind can be obvious with time, and sometimes it is seen at once. Roofing shingles can be ripped off by storm winds, which exposes the roof surface to the elements. If it happens, only shingles are not affected. The whole roofing structure can be vulnerable.

When the damage can not be seen with bare eyes, naturally, it gets unnoticed. But damages still can be there. There are few signs we can follow to get noticed. Damage caused by wind can be identified by loose or missing shingles, chimney problems, curling or peeling shingles, granule loss, damaged soffit or fascia, and indoor leaks.


It is nice to see the snow on our roofs in winter. But in the midst of this beauty, there may be hidden risks. Snow can damage our roofs. Actually, how much ice a roof can carry is specific. Since ice is very heavy, it can cause accidents. It can lead to roof leaks, roof damage, interior water damage, ice dams, and even roofs collapse.

Your roof should not be inspected by yourself after a storm. Roofing materials may have water spots or moldy, weakened shingles. This can result in an accident and you can be injured. Hiring professional roofers like us, who are highly experienced, will help you minimize the damages caused by various weather conditions. In Florence, South Carolina, we provide our roofing services. For any kind of roofing related problem, we are here to help.